Wealth Archetypes: The 8 Money Types

Have you noticed how you are around money?  What happens when you make financial decisions.. like which bill to pay off first, which car to buy, asking for a raise? Most likely you have pictured something in your head - a moment or a few moments where you reacted in a certain way. When you go back to those memories, are there any similarities between them? Most often than not there are pattern's we have developed and learned, that we repeat when making certain decisions.

Archetypal patterns and behaviors that  influence our daily decisions and emotions around money at an unconscious level have been named the Money Types and we all have them! This is based on C.G. Jung's archetypes seen through one of my mentor's eyes, Deborah Price the founder of The Money Coaching Institute and a financial advisor with 20+ years of experience.

Deborah writes ,"The money types are not your personality, nor are they fixed. They are not who you are, but where you are. We can change and transform our archetypal patterns by becoming more conscious and aware of their underlying drivers. For example, if you are an innocent archetype, you might have noticed that you have a tendency to have fear or anxiety relative to money that causes discomfort and possibly, even avoidance of the subject of money. That’s because the innocent archetype often felt disempowered and/or shut down relative to expressing their financial needs in childhood. They often felt confused about money and fearful of bringing up money in conversations or expressing their feelings.

As a result, in adulthood they may have developed patterns of avoidance or aversion that cause them to bury their heads in the sand because it’s associated past experiences long forgotten. "

"One of the things I’ve learned over the last 20 years doing this work is that almost everyone has some challenging emotions or behaviors relative to money. Since most of our patterns are locked in the subconscious mind, it is difficult for us to manage this domain effectively. In other words, if you are blind to a pattern, and cannot name it, you are powerless to change it. If you can learn to understand your money types and become aware of these underlying drivers, you begin to open the door to greater awareness, understanding and transformation. And who doesn’t want that, especially where money is concerned?"

-Deborah Price, The Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential  for Prosperity and Fulfillment

So, What are the 8 Money Types/ Wealth Archetypes?

According to Deborah Price in her 20 years of working as a financial advisor, there are 8 money types or archetypal patterns she has seen with her clients. They are:

The Innocent (the ostrich approach); Comfortable in the not knowing i.E. never knowing how much exactly is in the bank account and will avoid looking at all costs! This archetype is mainly motivated by fear.

The Victim (blaming circumstances); Very focused on the past and has tendencies that are self betraying. This archetype is one that has gone through many mutations, and is one that collects momentum with time.

The Warrior (conquering money); Knows exactly where they want to go, set goals and know how to achieve them. Loves making plans.

The Martyr (always rescuing someone); Puts others needs before themselves.

The Fool (gambler looking for a windfall); Decision making involves spontaneity, luck, and a drive at 100mph with blindfold on approach.

The Creator/Artist (regarding money as evil); Spiritualization of money.

The Tyrant (controlling through money); Very stiff with money and strict to the point of

The Magician (benefiting spiritually and financially from money).

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Active vs Dormant Archetypes

Archetypes barely work alone, that means we have different varying degrees of a few. One's that I have often found that work together in my practice are the Fool archetype and the Innocent. I know this one personally very well! Let's say you have a Tyrant Archetype aspect when it comes to talking to your partner around savings. The tyrant is activated and is very secretive about their money.

There are different degrees of these archetypes, for example one can have a high fool archetype and a mid level creator/artist.

I have found out that in certain situations, where we are emotionally responding to a trigger, it is apparent what patterns and archetypes are at play.

When I am afraid of something and choose to not look deeply into what it is I am feeling, I tended to rush into my fool and respond by doing something very abrasive to escape the fear of my innocent. This dynamic (The Fool-Innocent) was very prevalent in my early twenties and I still feel the dynamic coming up.

As you read, what comes up for you? Do you notice certain dynamics at play for you? Take a moment here for a practice of writing with these prompts:

  1. What are my current dynamics at play around money?

  2. If I were to win the lottery of $1,000,000 dollars - what would I do with the money?

The second question is one to listen to the language you may be using around money. Were you open to receive this money? Did you feel skeptical? Did you rationalize it as unrealistic? What comes up for you?

LISTEN, in no way is this a negative thing - to see yourself in any of these archetypes. It is an honesty check - how honest do you want to be with yourself of where you are right now? Often, topics around money and living a wealthy life can bring up many emotions - this is an invitation to let the emotions come up, and acknowledge them, and move on to where you WANT to go. To move in the direction of where your warrior/magician wants to go with your future money and wealth situation.

Does this article make you want to do this?

Yes, I know I've been there. This is a deep invitation to a deep curiosity and compassion towards yourself. You could see this is a way to better understand what drives you, what stories you have developed around a wealthy life, around being fully YOU. And know, that the best step you can take RIGHT now. Is to be compassionate. Is to stop, integrate this piece of writing and know you are a bit closer to yourself. Know that you are willing and ready to change and heal. And we at wealthforwomxn.com are here to help. This does not have to be a journey you travel alone, but with us. Reach out for support!

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"In Presence, there are only possibilities."

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What to do Now that your in the Know:

  1. Integration Walk/Movement/Dance - Movement can help stimulate new ideas and get your blood flowing which is always a beautiful way to be your most creative self.

  2. Give yourself a deep hug - Do you have a ritual where you can show yourself care? Being held? Making a warm tea - letting yourself be comforted by the small good things!

  3. Make a list - What came up for you while reading this? (Remember when and if judgement comes up, it shows us the parts that want to be more looked at and held compassionately within us!)

  4. Listen to something soothing - Music or any meditation that calms you. I recommend Tara Brach, Mindfulness teacher. I find her work very inspiring and calming.

  5. Find out your WEALTH / Money Type Archetype with our free quiz here.

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