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T here. Story about coming out of financial abuse. Advocate for financial empowerment for all - regardless of identification sexuality, gender, religion, work. 

After my experience at the conference for Survivors of financial abuse in California in 2019 with , I was super intrigued and saw the huge potential and energy .

Money as a catalyst! 

Dedicated to Financial Empowerment through action, compassion, education, and mindfulness. "Be more creative than your crazy." We all are very protective about our own narratives. It feels safe, known.

Be more creative than your narratives. Challenge them - by asking is this true? And Through what lense am I looking through? 

We believe that these deeper inquiries bring us deeper into our truth and our gold. The essence of we are. That is our gold. And that is the foundation of a wealthy life. Yes, the foundation of a wealthy life is something you already have, it is your intrinsic being.

Outer wealth is more fulfilling with your alignment. So what does this mean practically?

I am a trained and certified Money Coach, Financial Therapist, and Life Coach. As well as an artist. Find out more about my art here.

Time to transform our relationship with money and ideas of a wealthy Life. I believe that it is all rooted in , and it is the 

I work with women entrepreneurs & social enterprising organizations that are ready to elevate their money consciousness and rewire their wealth.

Let us know what's on your heart. & We will let you know what's on ours.